Andres D. Arellano | Evangelist Andres Arellano | I Am Zeal

Evangelist Andres D. Arellano accepted Christ at the age of seven. From that point, he knew he would devote the rest of his life to ministry. His parents, Rev. Erwin and Gloria Arellano, imparted into him the passion for street evangelism. At 17, Andres signed up to the United States Marines where he served honorably for 4 years. Upon completing his contact with the Marines, Andres completed his college career where he received his degree in Pre-Law. During that time, his passion for the lost was reignited and he began being discipled under Pastor Jose Zapico and served as a youth pastor at El Rey Jesus Broward. In 2009, the Lord called Andres to Milwaukee, WI where he served under Bishop Walter F. Harvey Jr as a Pastor. Currently, Andres has founded the “I Am Zeal” movement and is working with his parents at Iglesia Centro de Alabanza, a Hispanic church founded in 2012. In 2015, Andres graduated from Reinhart Bonnke’s School of Evangelism and has a burning passion to reach the lost!