Location: 1590 S. Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80219 Time: 7:30pm

Friday Night Fire, is designed to bring intimacy between God and a generation. Through one Friday a month, we will provide prophetic worship, display videos, and dramatic performances to help all attendees to engage in the theme for the night. We want to have every heart prepared to receive deliverance by the power of our God who is well able to give us victory in ways we have yet to imagine.

We expect to experience supernatural deliverance from our heavenly Father who has granted us victory by His abundant grace through Jesus. By His word, our faith is renewed and we have the ability to receive the deliverance He has to offer us to live a life of peace and Godly relationship. The word of God, will be ministered through the power of Holy Spirit allowing us to believe beyond our abilities and tap into the power of our inhibited God! We serve an amazingly merciful and graceful God and we want to live a life that is whole, lacking nothing. Friday Night Fire is where people will recognize real life issues, address real struggles and experience the power of a real!